Final Post

Thank you all so much for a wonderful semester. I greatly enjoyed it.

Here are the links to the articles you brought in for our last lesson in no particular order (where I couldn’t find your link online, I substituted one very close to it). They’re a snapshot of the art market as it stands in spring 2012. An updated exam is on BBoard, reflecting the changes we made together in our last class.


You’re welcome to use any and all that you’d like in your final exam response:

Candra, on questions of authenticity: Robert Indiana, Pop artist known for ‘LOVE’ sculptures and prints, sued by Monaco art buyer

Deneeesha, on money destroying the art world and the art of selling out

Jerrica, on Gunter Sachs, the playboy art collector and art as an asset class

Alice, thinking about public art as “un-collectible” or on the periphery of the market (vs. someone like Serra, embraced by it) [see Oxford Art Online “Public Art in the 21st Century”]

Baher, on the business of art in the middle east and stolen antiques. [see also CQ Researcher, “Stolen Antiquities,” April 13, 2007. Vol 17, No. 14]

Kylesha, on the state of the art market today

Lena, on artists getting paid (or not) and advocacy in the arts

Mayra, on the NY Magazine arts special and pretending you’re an outsider to be an insider

Michael, on five theories on why the art market can’t crash, and why it will anyway

Elizabeth, on an artist’s family saying his gallery ignored warning of fakes

Dasha, on burning art to make a point about funding cuts

Ginger, on Nazi-era repatriation

Monique, on Munch’s The Scream and the Nazi era

Tatum, on the Huffington Post’s Hennessy Youngman interview 

Nav, on the FBI and art theft

Maria P, on an ex-Gagosian employee telling all

Daniel, on Artforum’s “Scene and Herd” at Frieze

Mariya S, on The Art Newspaper at Frieze

Michelle B, on the Sotheby’s art handler lockout and the sale of The Scream

Eitan, on the fact that the super-rich are still buying art despite the economic crisis

Angela, on Martha Rosler’s garage sale at MoMA

Randy, on stolen art

Isabel, on the Guerrilla Girls

Wilson, on hotels using artists to boost their street cred

Victoria, on new tech start ups for art and art rental (really interesting!)

Michelle C, on the ethics of corporate sponsorship in the arts

Leonel, on Jerry Saltz rejecting and embracing (and playing) the market

Julia S, on the Artist Pension Trust

Sandy, on the very interesting question: how do performance artists make any money? 


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