Armory & Questions for Noah Horowitz

I’m excited for our trip to the Armory next Thursday. Please take some time to look over the Armory Fair website, and also the Armory Wiki for some basic info. Something I didn’t know…. “In 2007, The Armory Show was bought by Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc.” Anyone want to do a little digging and ask a question related to that?

The Armory buzz has spawned smaller art fairs that run simultaneously to capitalize on the collectors and crowds that converge for the main fair, and Independent is the one I mentioned to you today. It has a very different feeling than the Armory. I’d encourage you to check it out if you have time next week – it’s free (and you might get a glass of wine too).

Please leave your questions for Noah in the comments section and we’ll discuss in class on Tuesday.


17 thoughts on “Armory & Questions for Noah Horowitz

  1. 1. On the Armory Show website it says :”…fine art fair devoted to the most important art of the 20th and 21st centuries.” Now, my question is how and who decides which art and which artists are the most important?

    2. Who is eligible to become a part of the Armory Show? What is the process of selection for the artist’s’, is anybody can apply? Did the process of of selecting artists changed since 1999 after the show became big and after 2007 after it was bought by Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc?

    3. How does the show gets funded? Is it a purely commercial fair devoted to promotion and sale of the art?

  2. I’d love to know how Mr. Horowitz transitioned from managing an art fair within the digital world to the real world, especially the challenges he faced in doing so for his first year on the job. Also, I wonder if he sees the emergence of new art fairs and the increased interest in the art world on an international level as competition to the Armory Fair. If so, how can the Armory continue to revamp and better ifself to attract the same buzz?

  3. The January New York Times article mentions that the show this year will exhibit 113 international artists, less than the show last year to “improve quality and give the dealers more space,” so my question is relating to Julia’s – How does the Armory Show choose which artists to make the cut, since they are conscious about the amount of space and spotlight to give to each exhibitor? What are the predicted effects of reducing the amount of people (positive and negative)?

  4. Julia your much on target with the questions I had in mind. I am sure now they have corporate interest it has changed the way the approach the Art Market.

  5. My question is Are we related?
    Furthermore how much revenue is an art fair such as this one expected to generate for 1 the people who sponsor the fair, 2 the artists included in the fair, and three the organization you represent? (also implicit in part three of the question is what organization do you represent?)

  6. I am also interested in Julia’s questions because they deal with the behind the scenes of the art world.

    On the website I found this: “For its fourteenth edition, The Armory Show will inaugurate three exciting programming initiatives. Armory Film, curated by the Moving Image Fair, will feature an international selection of contemporary video and experimental films.” My question is, how has the Armory show changed over the years and what are the plans moving forward?

    I’m also curious as to who the audience for the show is. Is it collectors? Museum goers? Gallery Owners?

    Are people part of the show already established artists or is this a chance for some of them to make it big?

    • The addition of Armory Film, and the Moving Image Fair, is the fact that really puzzles me. How are they going to SELL art work of this medium, as a one of a kind DVD’s? – This sounds like a come back to the Benjamin discussion on “aura” and “authenticity”
      I tried to look up if the Armory Show represents any Performance artists? I didn’t find any information on that, and if they do, how does one sell performance art? And furthermore how do performance artists make a living?
      I know sounds very trivial, but seriously how do you sell performance art?

  7. I found an interesting article online about the changes The Armory show is making this year to apeal to its current and new attendees. I would liek to ask Mr.Horowits how he came about these changes and why ?

  8. “In 2007, The Armory Show was bought by Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc.”- The company’s website mentions that it is “the world’s leading owner and operator of show room buildings and trade room facilities”. Did the armory show become more commercialize since the purchase?

    • Paul Morris, the Co-Founder of The Amory Show, is also the Vice President of the Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc. What does that mean in terms of the show and/or Paul Morris? (This is not something I think I would ask to Noah Horowitz, just commenting back to Eitan.)

  9. 1. Why is named the Armory show( as simple as it sounds, I am curious), there aren’t any weapons are arms stored. Does this name represent something?

    2. Same question as posted above, Who gets in to be a part of the show? Does the work have to be worth alot?

  10. Because the art fair in the Armory is international, how do they choose art pieces and artists out of the hundreds in the world? What qualitifications must they have?

  11. I am curious that how the author thinks (or predicts) the contemporary art in future.
    My question is,

    What will contemporary art look like 10-15years from now and how will the Armory Show change?

  12. Does the committee that chooses the artists and artwork even attempt to include artists whose value is accessible by the everyday consumer ? Do they also equate “good art” with high value/cost ?

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